Hello, I'm

Jaafar Daher


About Me

Jaafar Daher, the Chairman and Founder of JD Design Group, was born and raised in Lebanon.
JD Design Studio was founded in Dubai, 11 years ago. At the start of 2021, JD Design Group was formatted including the branches of JD Furniture, JD Architecture and JD Interior Design & Fit-out.


The passion for architecture led Jaafar across the oceans, opening new horizons for education and later for his fruitful career in Dubai, UAE.
Besides the UAE, Jaafar has completed projects in such countries as Lebanon, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Nigeria, India, and even in Latin America.

‘’ I have worked with different styles and I discover more with every day. The main source of my inspiration is – the vision of my clients. Sharing and receiving ideas lights up my imagination to the infinity’’ – Jaafar Daher


His ambitious attitude gives him the drive to continually seek out new challenges. With this determination, he envisions the group to become one of the world’s biggest players in the design industry.

Jaafar is moving towards the next stage of developments in shaping Dubai and is eager to continue growing the city’s global presence as a leader in innovation and style.