Why Choose Us

Hemstad provides showrooms and staff at a 365-day showrooms held in more than 11 countries.

Global Yet Local

With our international experiences and skills we work globally but like a local company in each country.

Up & After Sales

Hemstad allocates specialists to follow up with current customers in order to perform upsales

An Expert Team

Our team is a combination of experts in construction, marketing, interior design and law.

Hemstad Services

We are the best in the sector

Market Analysis

HEMSTAD comes up with best-fit strategy for each client.

Permanent Exhibition

HEMSTAD offers showrooms through out the whole year at the cost of a 4-day fair .

Market Entry

HEMSTAD with its local team will overview the legal system.

Purposeful Networking

HEMSTAD organizes networking events to turn clients brands into leads and customers.

Full-time Team

Full time marketing professionals through out the year.

Full Marketing Strategies

Hemstad provides full marketing services to the exhibitors in the different countries.

We Aren't Afraid Of Trying New Things

Be Part Of Something Great

Hemstad, without commission, directly charges exhibitors per square meter and per service with fixed prices for a wide scope of services assisting the exhibitor from A to Z to sell their product in the quickest and most rewarding manner. To ensure this, Hemstad benefits from the latest technology and opportunities available today such as virtual reality, big data and blockchain smart contracts. Working with Hemstad allows traders and exhibitors to do business without legal restrictions. You don`t need an office in Dubai to do business. Hemstad 365 is the easiest way to reach your customers without the problems that other providers experience. Take your place at the worlds centre for the construction and development industry.